Mobile Application for Railways
Mobile Application - Brake Compressores for Railways
Industrial Application for PET-Bottle Moulding
Industrial Application - PET-Bottle Moulding with Compressed Air
Industrial Application for Workshop
Industrial Application - Compressor Station for Workshop

ROTORCOMP stands for a Rotor and Screw Specialist Company with a broad range of product lines that have been employed to serve large varieties of highly demanding applications.

They are top-notch produce, deriving from a quality tradition since 1980, designed to maximize productivity and withstand harsh environments.

Our industry-proven product mix and toolbox include solutions for, among other applications:

Make sure that you choose high-performance and -quality products at the right prices. In a nutshell, we have the right and optimal tools to offer for your apps, max. throughput, longevity and efficiency, with lifecycle costs reduced to minimum.
To keep pace with vast, most dynamic market trends and state-of-the-art technology, ROTORCOMP commits to continuously innovating and extending its palette of solutions for compression of air and gases. Cracking new markets and apps is quite challenging, but does not mean impossible with ROTORCOMP.
We have the right drive to attend to new projects and apps. Together with our customers we are ready to fly off-the-shelves just in time. Do challenge our screw technology, so we can squeeze a breakthrough in your process and apps.