Our EVO®-NK-Gas compact units provide optimum operating reliability, efficiency and a unique modularity well adapted to your gas compresssion applications.
You benefit from small space requirements, low engineering costs, simplified service and maintenance and after all reduced logistics.

Also available with gear drive.

For mobile compression and a number of further applications the use of a gear driven gas end is the best choice. We provide a complete range of robust, flexible and highly efficient built-in gear boxes for our oil injected screw compact units gas ends starting from EVO3-NK-Gas.

EVO®-NK-Gas Range

Type Max. Shaft Power Capacity in Air at
7 barg / 100 psig
  kW hp m³/h mcfd
EVO2-NK-Gas 11 15 96 81
EVO3-NK-Gas 18,5 25 162 137
EVO6-NK-Gas 37 50 330 280
EVO9-NK-Gas 55 75 504 427
NK-200-Gas 75 102 600 508